World Class Wellbeing

Wellbeing ConsultationsHave a wellbeing consultation with our qualified personal trainer, giving all your employees the advice they need.

Exercise ClassesJoin our energetic and fulfilling exercise classes at our flagship wellbeing centre in Farringdon, to get your blood pumping.

Personal TrainingAccess 1-2-1 exercise sessions with our personal trainers, giving you the boost, you need either before or after the working day.

PhysiotherapyFor those sore muscles after our classes and exercise sessions, have access to our physiotherapy sessions or just to relax.

Mental Health TherapistAllow our team to arrange a mental health therapist for your employees, giving them all the support they need to be positive and productive.

Discounts and BenefitsAccess discounts or benefits from our partnership brands, which include gyms and spa facilities, giving everyone the opportunity to relax.

Outdoor WorkingWorking outdoors brings numerous benefits to your employees, travel to our flagship wellness centre to work or relax in the Courtyard.

Meditation RoomsMeditation is becoming the new craze and for good reason, make use of our dedicated meditation rooms or our focus rooms.

TreatmentsIn our flagship wellness centre, we offer a range of treatments, including massages and facials to allow your employees to relax.

Hair and Beauty TreatmentsRejuvenate and unwind with our hair and beauty treatments in our flagship wellness centre to boost your confidence.

Wellness TreatsOur Centre Teams regularly arrange wellness treats for you and your employees in our communal spaces…so keep an eye out!

Deciding Factor

For many employees working for a company that prioritises their physical and mental wellbeing can be the difference between them staying at a company or leaving. For potential employees this could also be the difference between them joining or rejecting your job offer. To be seen as an ideal employer, it is important your office space reflects the importance you place on wellbeing.

Invest in the wellbeing of your employees and watch this pay off for your business. At One Avenue, we provide all the facilities and services you need to provide and support your employees.


After the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees craved social interaction, which has now become a big part of their working life. It is important you provide your employees with the opportunity to socialise and switch off from work.

Our exercise classes, group personal training sessions and networking events give your employees the perfect opportunity to socialise and connect.

Discover more about One Avenue’s socialising opportunities and the benefits this can bring you

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