Making your Move Easy...

Moving office can be an extremely stressful time for all, therefore One Avenue aim to make your office move as seamless as possible, creating a stress free environment for you and your employees.

Many businesses are fortunate to have an office manager to deal with the logistics that our team can work to support during the move. However if your business do not have an office manager, there is no need to worry as our team can take care of every part of the move for you.

From the initial signing of your contract to the end of your first day, One Avenue consider every part of your experience with us.

Office Layout

The layout of your office is key to the productivity of your employees. There are many factors to consider: should your employees sit in department groups, which departments should sit near each other and where do the executive team sit? Work with our office design team to design the layout of your office.

Design & Buildworks

Design your dream office space, which our team happen to be experts in. We will then deploy our in-house maintenance division to make your office dreams come to life within days, creating the ideal workspace for your employees to enjoy. Learn more about our bespoke office design services

Logistical Planning

Our teams always consider the needs of your business, treating you as an individual. We sit down with your team to understand how we can make the office move for your business’ needs. Our team are problem solvers by nature, so we ensure that we make the office move work for you.

Move In & Move Out

We help you on your move in day, making this a simple and enjoyable experience for your whole team, welcoming you to One Avenue in the perfect way. Not only do we consider your move in day, but if you sadly decide to leave the One Avenue collection, we make sure to send you off in style.

Health & Safety

We take health and safety seriously at One Avenue, which is why we consider the safety and wellbeing of your team at all times. Our team regularly review the health and safety of our business and each of our centres, creating a safe space where you team can focus on their work and socialise with colleagues.

24/7 Emergency Support

Our centre teams provide you with round the clock emergency support. Our centres either have on-site security or our monitored by our security teams, giving you peace of mind when away from the office. Our teams are an extension of your business, therefore is your ever have an issues, they are there to support you.

Site Briefing

On the day of your move in, our team will provide your business with a site briefing, showing all of your team around your new home so they are able to make use of all the facilities and services we offer, as well as showing them all of the important health and safety aspects of staying at a One Avenue centre.

Welcome Breakfast

To celebrate you becoming part of the One Avenue collection we provide you and your team with a welcome breakfast to welcome you in true One Avenue style all provided by your personal centre team, giving you an opportunity to meet the people that will be supporting your business during your time with us.

Regular Review Meetings

At One Avenue we continuously care about what you think of our brand and service, as we aim to ensure we are working for your business. Your business will regularly meet with your Centre Teams to ensure we are doing all we can for your business and employees.

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