How Office Design Impacts Employees

Flexible workspaces have become increasingly sought-after over the past few years and many businesses are swapping traditional leased offices for flexible serviced offices.

Flexible workspaces have become increasingly sought-after over the past few years and many businesses are swapping traditional leased offices for flexible serviced offices. Not only do these modern workspaces provide businesses with increased flexibility, enabling them to ensure their office always meets their business needs, but they also provide access to several desirable facilities, making day-to-day operations more convenient.

As serviced offices become more popular, there are more office solutions to choose from, especially in cities like London. However, not all serviced offices are the same and it isn’t always possible to customise a serviced office. Sometimes, office providers will design these flexible workspaces so that anyone can move into them at short notice and they won’t be tailored to the businesses renting them.

Having the opportunity to design your office space is crucially important and you shouldn’t overlook this when narrowing down the options on the serviced office market. The design of your workspace will impact your employees in more ways than you may initially realise and a report found that only 11% of UK workers are highly satisfied with their workplace. Below we have explored some of the different ways office design can impact your team.

Employee productivity

The design of your workspace will directly impact how productive your employees are during the working day. A quality design that is bespoke to your business has the ability to boost performance and it can help to ensure employees are delivering the quality, quantity and efficiency of work you require to operate your business effectively.

Everything from the amount of natural light to the quality of the air in your serviced office can influence how productive your employees are and it’s key to ensure you’re providing your team with a working environment that helps them to thrive. Arguably, the layout of the space is one of the most important design factors to consider when it comes to productivity. Your layout should support your employees’ different working styles and limit the number of distractions they have to contend with. Getting your layout right, amongst other things, can help to ensure your employees’ performance is aiding the future success of your business.

Employee creativity

Regardless of which industry you operate in, creating an inspiring workspace for your employees is essential. Your serviced office design can enhance creativity and, in turn, innovation and a stimulating office will help your employees to come up with imaginative ideas, enabling your business to remain both relevant and competitive. This is particularly important if you operate in a saturated market and you frequently lose business to other local companies offering similar products/services.

It’s not just the colours you use and the artwork you hang on the walls that will boost creativity, the working zones you create for your employees will also play a role in how innovative they are. Providing informal seating areas as well as traditional meeting rooms, for example, will give your employees somewhere to work on group projects and these relaxed working zones can encourage collaboration. Having the space they need to brainstorm and bounce ideas off of one another can be very beneficial for employee creativity and innovation.

Employee wellbeing

More so than ever before, employee wellbeing is something that businesses are focused on and the right office design can help to promote and support employee wellness in the workplace. Improving your team’s working lives by creating a healthy work environment can be beneficial for not just your employees, but your business as a whole and there are several ways you can use your office design to improve health and wellbeing.

Research shows that the colours you use in a workspace can affect the mood of your employees and incorporating natural elements into your design can reduce stress, for example. Of course, the furniture you use in the space will also impact health and wellbeing. Serviced offices can be fully furnished in line with your specific needs and ideally, you should invest in quality ergonomic furniture for employees. Taking the time to create an office design that makes your team comfortable can even help to reduce employee absences and absenteeism.

Employee satisfaction

How content your employees are with their jobs can be affected by your office design and a positive working environment is key to ensuring employees are satisfied. Your employees spend several hours a day sitting at their desks, so tailoring your office design to your brand and the culture of your business can help to ensure your workspace experience is positive and your employees are happy with all aspects of their job role.

Job satisfaction is about so much more than just salary these days and the atmosphere and working conditions in your office are hugely important. Employee satisfaction should be a key focus for all businesses and when you have a satisfied team, you will have much better retention rates. A high turnover of employees can be detrimental to business success and using your office design as a tool to improve employee satisfaction can help you to ensure you have the best team of employees working for you.

Renting a customisable boutique serviced office in London

When searching for a serviced office provider that allows you to design your private office in line with your unique needs, get in touch with our team at One Avenue. We rent a vast selection of customisable boutique serviced offices in London in areas such as Farringdon, London Bridge and Bank where our experienced team will work closely with you to create a workspace that suits the culture of your business. We even provide a 3D floor plan service, enabling you to visualise the workspace and we can virtually create various designs for you to consider.

At One Avenue, we pride ourselves on our boutique serviced offices in London being a breath of fresh air for businesses and their employees. We are passionate about providing a world-class office experience and our team will go above and beyond to ensure you have everything you need to thrive. We will put your needs first from the day we meet to the day we say goodbye and we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with the service you receive.

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